Four Springs 20/2/2013

We made the last minute decision to head to Four Springs Lake last night (Wednesday) and this saw us leaving home at 7:30pm. Trev gave me the rules, fly fishing only, so out came the old six piece (as I broke my good rod last week on the first cast.)
We were soon on the water (within 20 minutes), as the lake is close by our home, we nearly ran over a herd of goats on the way there, but that is another story.

First port of call was “Jim’s tree” only to find ourselves in the face of a full southerly wind, a couple of minutes there and it was time to quickly seek out some calm water.
The only sheltered spot we could find was directly in front of the dam wall.
We sat and watched for rising fish, but couldn’t detect any action.
As darkness was settling upon us quickly, we started to pack up our gear ready for home.
Just then, we spotted two fish working along the wall, I covered one and Trev the other.
After cast number 3,Trev was on!
This fish was Trevs first on the fly this year so I quickly put the rod down, sat and watched.
After a long struggle, he landed a beautiful brown.
There is nothing better than being out fished by your son.
A great little session.
Dale & Trev



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