Four Springs 18/1/2013

I woke up to a drizzly overcast morning today so I quickly grabbed the fly rod and headed to Four Springs Lake along with Sasha my dog. With unchanged conditions greeting us on arrival, I soon had the boat in the water and slowly headed out looking for moving trout. After about 25 minutes looking without spotting one, I put the fly rod down and up with the spinning rod.

3rd cast “bang!” a nice little rainbow in perfect condition caught on the Red Nut. After flogging this area for a while without any more hits, I headed up to a spot commonly known as Jim’s tree. (Named after the great Jim McKenna.)
4th cast, magic again and I had another one on but unfortunately I dropped him at the boat.
A few casts later and a thumping big brown followed the lure right to the boat but then snuck off into the depths.
Not long after that, the clouds and drizzle had disappeared and it was all over.
I didn't see one fish rise or any insect life.
The weed situation is not too bad, ok for drift spinning but probably not for trolling, the water temp was 21.

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