Four Springs 9/9/2012

He is a quick report from the Tamar Marine guys ( Danny & Deano )
I hit the water with a mate Grant in his revamped boat and had a nice brown in no time on a plastic in the shallows. Dean, his son Matt and mate Josh came over and Dean had a nice rainbow and a brown.

I picked up another brown not far from last one and then we had a look around. Deano's boat didn't see anymore till his last cast of the day BANG on!..Great way to finish off a good day.

I managed to pick up my best near the death knock too,  a cracker brown (such good nick) over 5 lb .

 PS - Sorry Todd if you want to slip into my report that I was doing well on the old berkeley black and gold t tails but got my first fish on ecogear pearl olive I think dean got two on hard body's and the other on plastics ( I just had a read of a pres post a bout what we catch on mate hope that helps regards president Danny.


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