Four Springs 16/8/2012

We headed out to Four Springs this morning with Bill Williams and one thing on my mind...redemption. I use that word, as the day before; I took him out with nothing to show for our efforts but a chill in the back, 2 missed strikes... and a straightened hook. Today was another day however.

We arrived at Fourseys around 8am and hadn’t been on the water long before landing a nice fish. Conditions were “too good really” but we still managed another 3 for this mornings effort. As you can see a couple of them were rippers! Rumour has it that Bill is now considering a little boat, set up like mine, for himself, so he can have a crack at them anytime he wishes in the future. I call jokingly call Bill, Mr Grumpy, but as you can see my old mate had a grin from ear to ear today.
Well done Bill!






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