Four Springs Report 13/4/2012

Jim and I headed out to Four Springs Lake on Friday, arriving there just before lunchtime.
It looked promising with a bit of chop on the water, but there were only a couple of boats on the lake and they said they weren’t catching anything.

Anyway, we decided to give it a go and about an hour later I landed a small one of around 1 pound in weight, trolling with a Yep hard bodied lure.
We then headed over to the dam wall and whilst Jim was changing his lure, I had a cast, at first I thought I had a snag (and I also thought Jim won’t be happy with me!!),  but it turned out to be a nice fish of about 3 and a half pounds.
I was very happy but Jim wasn’t as it was 2 fish to me and zero to him.
“But of course, not to be outdone”, he landed one about 2 and half pounds and then another of about 2 pounds while spinning.
We had a lot of hit’s spinning around the dam wall and it seemed to be the place to be, it turned out to be a good day after all!
Regards, Presidents Jim and Virginia.

Ps, We were also down at Beauty Point on Wednesday and caught some nice cocky salmon in the bay,... very tasty that night for tea.





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