Four Springs Report 3/4/2012

As stated in my previous Four Springs Report, I headed back to Foursey's today with the fly rod.
Hopes were high that I would be in for a good day as we had plenty of cloud cover and humidity to spark a hatch.

In a nut shell, although there were a few red spinner and duns still about, they were no where as thick as they were the other day.
I fished a nymph deep for a rainbow of around three pounds and a brown of around 2 pounds.
 When things were quiet, I trolled a hard-body around for a lap, for one strike and no lure...(don't know what happened there?) as the drag turned a bit and then all I had on... "was nothing".
Don't know if the fish rolled in the line and broke it off or it was just a bad knot on my behalf.
Anyway, about five boats on the water, most were fly fishing, one boat had two, the other fly fisher had three and the troller had three.
All had tales of broken lines and big fish lost.
We cooked up a cuppa and a BBQ whilst out there and all in all, had a great day.
It's true, I didn't exactly set the world on fire, but who cares?.

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