Four Springs 14/10/2011

President John Dekkers and myself headed out to Four Springs this morning armed with fly rods and (in my case) "limited ability" as usual.!!
We decided against getting up early,... instead choosing gentlemen's hours to attack our fishy friends.

At 10.30 am we found ourselves standing in the Four Springs car park, boiling up a coffee before heading out to see what the day would bring.
As we overlooked the lake we could see the odd "rise" here and there along with a healthy number of red spinners flying recklessly around our heads,..the day held promise.
Within 5 minutes of launching, we had one brown of a couple of pounds in the boat and had "'lipped " and missed four others.
 Upon seeing us land this fish, one of Johnny's mates floated over and asked what we were using, as he had been there since early morning for nothing.
Naturally a couple of Orange Bead Head nymphs were handed over and "Wayne" managed two nice rainbows using this fly and method that we showed him.
Isn't that what its all about?.. Wayne doesn't normally catch a lot of fish at Four Springs apparently, so it was great that (in some small way at least) we were able to assist this older gentleman gain his a smile from ear to ear as he proudly displayed his catch to us later on in the day.
As for us?, we managed four, including a couple of leviathans both landed and lost.
We should have had our bag each as we lost a couple that spat the hook when they jumped, we also missed many on the strike,..... excuse, excuse, excuse.
I must make mention also of the fantastic Porterhouse Steak we cooked up "onsite" for lunch that we brought from President Phil Groves from the Sausage shop at Perth ,... do yourself a favor and get some of that into you!!
YUM,YUM,YUM!!!.....and that isn't cash for comment either!!
Every now and then, you have a day, although not over- memorable "catchwise", (but all the same)  will stay in your thoughts as a great day had with good company for years to was one of those days.
Thanks Johnny boy!!!
President Todd

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