Four Springs August 27 2011

Fished Four Springs yesterday for one, (a brown of around 3.5 pounds ) caught on a Woolly Bugger fly.
This morning I went out in "torrential  wind and rain" for one brown around 2.5 pounds caught on one of "Gaylord's" orange bead headed nymph patterns.

The fly was tied by Johnny Dekkers so I will give "Gaylord" absolutely no credit in any way for this capture at all... ha ha.
I was also fishing with President Tom Dolega  who didn't manage one this morning, (he usually goes pretty well) and feel this is his just deserts, as it was he who assured myself that the weather out here would be OK this morning.
 He may be a pretty good fly fisherman, but as a weather forecaster.........crap!!
Regards, President Gary Long

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