Four Springs 14th August 2011

Had to drop my eldest daughter (Demi)  off at her job in Kingsmeadows at 6am this morning, so I thought, "as long as I am up, I may as well throw the car topper on the roof of the Navara and head out to Fourseys for a couple of hours."

Light Southerly breeze, only around four cars there...(12 when I left), all was quiet and very bloody cold!!! Managed one,( my first of the season), a nice brown weighing somewhere between 5 and 6 pounds.

Considered myself lucky to get that as the only other fish I saw landed, was by a bait fisher off the shore..a brown around 3 pounds.
I think weed is going to be a real problem here this year, I fished with a 1/16th jig-head and still had to "clear my hooks" nearly every cast, ...didn't matter where I fished,... I found weed.
That being said, it is probably is better up the dam wall end,....... I didn't get up that far to find out.
President Todd


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