Four Springs April 1st 2011

As this trout season rapidly draws to a close for us, Johnny Dekkers and myself decided to have what could well be described as  a “final fling” with the fly rods at Four Springs this morning.
Arriving just as daylight broke (around 6.15 am) the plan was to quickly tie on a couple of Purple Woolly Bugger fly’s and strip them around the tree line opposite the boat ramp. (The ramp is currently getting done up by the way). No Joy!!  It is around 30 minutes in, when it all fits together, wind blowing, no sign of fish, 1st of April...yep that suits.
Perseverance did pay off however, when we discarded our wet fly’s, for dry’s and nymphs. We managed to find five fish (landing three) that were still looking up.
Two of these took a Klink hammer dry and the other a nymph.
We had the mandatory egg n bacon roll and coffee cook up onsite and returned home around 1pm....make no mistake, it was a slog.
Best fish was a rainbow of 3.5 pounds that had a “fair crack” let me tell you and when cleaned, all were found to be chock a block full of nothing but water boatmen.

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