Four Springs Report March 12th 2011 

Presidents Jim and Virginia McKenna gave us a ring this morning inviting my son (Jacob) and I to Four Springs this afternoon for a couple of hours using soft plastics.
We arrived around 3 o’clock just as some anglers were getting off the water, they told us that the rainbows had been on top for most of the day and had three each to show for their efforts.. These were caught on caught on both fly and plastics.

Red spinners were everywhere but nothing really on them (which was good as I hadn’t brought my fly rod).
A pleasant afternoon was had, the highlight of which was seeing Virginia land her personal best fish, a rainbow (pictured) of around 6 pounds....and boy did it give her a run for her money!!!
My son Jacob caught two, a brown and a rainbow both around three pounds, the rainbow having another hook inside it and line trailing out of its behind....a case of second time lucky it seems.
2 of our fish were caught on Gulp Pumpkinseed and the other a YEP black n gold  “Flapper”.
Weed is still posing a few problems, but there are quite a few areas where it has died back enough to give good sport.
Cheers for now,


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