Arthurs Lake 24/2/2013

On reading the super forecast of humid, rainy and winds 10-15 knots easing back I headed to Arthurs confident of finding a good dun hatch. How wrong was I . Wind never got under 15 knots and I'm sure got up to 25 knots meaning any hatching  duns got swept up and spirited km away! I fished 4 hours and only saw 2 duns. It was a matter of getting in the lee and seeing what i could conjure up.. the trusty bead head under the dry did no good so loch style it was and within minutes of changing I hooked and subsequently lost two smallish fish.

A fruitless hour in the hurricane was unrewarded and then a torrential downpour occured further impacting on the situation. Notwithstanding that I found the fish happy to grab it despite the downpour and promptly boated two nice fish. The downpour became monsoonal so I retreated to the boat ramp and caught two other smallish spinner feeders in the lee.I spoke with four other fishermen who had nothing between them also being frustrated by the conditions. So looking like Id been swimming rather than fishing I left rather pleased id had any action on a tough tough tough day-

Rob Soward

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