Tooms Lake, October 13 2010

Finished with 16 in total only five of which were browns, rainbows very strong & pulled like little freight trains.
Thier size was up to 3.5 pounds. The water was still quite dirty, hardly anyone about and no one trolling it.....virtually had Tooms to themselves.
No sign of Galaxias only two were found in stomach contents...mainly full of stick caddis. Most fish were caught on a mudeye pattern cast to moving fish. Big hatch of midge last night, fish on top everywhere...threw a mudeye pattern in the direction that the "flash was heading"....caught ten in this session.

Very windy today, didn't fish. John did agree with Shaun that things were not easy and felt they were lucky to be "in the right place at the right time" for their best session.

Cheers, Todd
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