2018 04 06 Meander River bAfter having a doctors appointment this morning I had a pretty late start on the Meander River in what was beautiful fishing conditions and the river level had dropped which made it even better. I received a few new Austackle lures that I picked up for half price from MO-Tackle last week and they arrived this morning so I'm itching to give them a workout. I was in the river by 11:10 am and started off using the ''Wolf '' 50 mm hard body lure which has a narrow body and is practically the same patten as the Daiwa ghost brown one that I use. It took me around fifteen minutes before I had my first follow from a medium size brown and that's as far as it went, just a follow.

Then I spotted a nice flat spot behind a small fallen tree to the left of me, a quick flick into it & the lure was taken no sooner than it had hit the water. It was a nice brown, even better it was on the new lure as well. It didn't take all that long before I had this well conditioned trout in the net and on it's way after a quick photo. It was a very plump 460 gram brown and in the best of condition too.. It was reasonably quiet over the following fifty or sixty meters with just having the one hit and miss and a couple of follows until I reached a fast water stretch. It was here I caught and released four more well conditioned browns, these were smaller fish in the 330-340 gram range. I was now fishing in full sun so decided to head back to the car and try a sheltered stretch of river further downstream.

It wasn't long before I was there and in the river casting the new lure around without any signs of a trout over the first twenty minutes until I reached the fast water. Here I went for a change of lure, my choice was the small ghost brown hard body. Still there wasn't any signs of fish here, I couldn't even manage a follow from a trout. I was about to give it away when I decided to try one more small section of water before hopping out of the river and heading back to the car. It was that small section of water that gave up the sixth trout of the session. Once releasing the fish I was out of the river and back to the car, my day was done here.

Adrian Webb (meppstas)

2018 04 06 The Wolf


2018 04 06 Meander River a


2018 04 06 Meander River c


2018 04 06 Meander River b


2018 04 06 Meander River

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