Meander River report 29-8-13

Thought I would head off to the Meander River and a nearby creek this morning to see how high they were running in the hope of may be having a wade for a change. I have enjoyed several stints of bait fishing, but deep down now where near as good as being in a river chasing trout.


I was still suffering soreness in the back from having some thirty plus injections two days ago in the lower back and spine and was wondering how I would manage the trip. I got the fishing gear on and went out to get in Trout Stalker 2 and walked straight into a strong North Easterly breeze. So with that wind blowing I then decided not to go and it was back inside and into the trackies.

After lunch (12.30pm) I checked outside and noticed the wind had dropped and so it was back on with the fishing gear and off to the Meander I headed, after a quick back rub down with some Rapid Gel (anti-inflam for horses) that is. This stuff is just great for aches and pains that's for sure.

Once at the Meander River I found it to be running pretty high and not safe enough to wade so I then headed over to Western Creek. This was ideal for wading and and the water was slightly clouded but fishable. What a relief it was to see that I could finally get in a wade a river for the first time this season. Thought I would start off using a #0 (2.5gm) Mepps Aglia Fluro in the Tiger colours of green, yellow and orange blade.

Fished the first hundred metres of river without having a follow or sighting a fish which was a little deflating. But it was still great to be in a river. The next stretch of river I knew often gives up a fish or two, and after a several casts upstream I finally had my first fish on the spinner for the season. It wasn't a big fish, just a nice 320gm brown that was in prime condition and after a quick photo it was quickly released for another day. This one fish made the whole trip worthwhile. There is nothing better than hooking into a river fish, and size doesn't matter to me at all.

You can fish the lakes, dams or go trolling but to me it doesn't compare to catching a trout in a river or stream. I know some will disagree, but this is my opinion. I do know it's different for the fly fisher fishing lakes compared to some one spinning them and that I understand.

Anyway back to the fishing. After the quick release of that little brown I fished on for another five or six hundred meters before I spotted a bow wave following the spinner downstream and I was waiting for the strike to occur. Bang it struck and this was a solid fish that would have been close to a kilo too. Problem was I didn't get to weigh this fish as after a couple of fast runs, one back up stream and then another back downstream past me, then a with a leap and a twist out of the river he was off.

Oh well at least I had around thirty seconds of fun with this trout and that was only the second hit in over a kilometre of river. The rain had now started and so I thought I would call it a day and it wasn't all bad. I had two hook ups for the trip and to me, it was well worth it too. Hopefully it will only be another few weeks and the Mersey, Leven, Meander and a few others will all be at the right height to get in and spin my heart out.

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