Meander still gives up a few fish in low water 22/1/2013

Cloud cover this afternoon made for me to head off to the Meander River for a session of spinning the fast water once  more. Arrived around 3.15 PM and once again as soon as I put my waders on, Bingo! Out came the sun again. Not deterred I still hit the river full of confidence and it wasn't too long before I had my first fish on the line and it was a small solid brown of some 240 gms.

The river seemed  a little lower today than last week when I was here, but the good thing was that the river bottom was still clear of slime & algae. Still hard going scrambling over the rocky bottom though. With the water being crystal clear the fish weren't to be seen in the open areas that had the sun on them at at all. Had a few more hook ups from small browns which I lost as quick as they hit the Mepps Black Aglia spinner before I finally picked one up that tipped the scales at 650 gms. This fish was a nice solid river fish too and it had to get the donger I'm sorry to say as it had swallowed the spinner and damaged it's gills. Fished on for another hour and a half for a catch and release of 4 more browns that were all around 270 gms, plus losing another 5 as well.


I called it a day here and decided to go and try the section of river above Barrett's Bridge on my way home. Started from just below the bridge actually and the river here was very low and had quite a lot of green cotton like algea in it plus the river bottom was a little slippery too. Most times that I've fished here the water is normally around knee deep, not today as it was below the knees for most of the 600 mtrs that if fished. Picked up a nice solid little brown (280 gms) in a small piece of fast water just below the bridge and then another right under the bridge. This was a real small brown and would have only been around 140 gms if that.

I caught another brown ( 260 gms ) some 100 mtrs above the bridge and then did not sight a fish from  that point on. Finished up calling it a day at 7.00 PM and headed for home. Not the worst day that I have had that's for sure as I did at least pick up a few, and had several hook ups as well in the time I was on the water. Hopefully the Hydro do not let the water level get any lower than it is at the moment as I reckon it will have a big impact on the fishing if they do.
Cheers Adrian

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