2018 03 28 Tannin waters brown 6012After having some decent rainfall over the past couple of days I thought I would try one on the small tannin waters above Weegena. I was hoping it had enough flow in it to be good enough to fish, once there I found it was flowing quite nice and it was good enough to have a spin session in it. I was using the gold Aglia today as it always works well in most of the tannin waters I fish. It was a little on the quite side over the first fifty meters or so before I had a small brown take the lure only to see it toss it once it leapt from the river.

A little further on I had my first brown hooked and after a good tussle over a couple of minutes I had it in the net. It was a solid 380 gram brown that was in very good condition... These little tannin streams & creeks hold some nice trout in them from time to time and are always worth flicking a lure into once there's good flow in them. Early and late season is always the best times to fish them, once the warmer weather arrives and water levels drop the trout vanish. They head back into the main rivers that these little streams & creeks flow into. A lot of trout fisho's don't bother to check out these small tannin waters mainly because it's very tight fishing & can be tough work because of some very rocky bottoms and lots of thick foliage along both sides of the water. I love giving them a go because you never know if there's trout in them or not, it's always rewarding when one does catch a few trout in them. There's plenty I've had a go at that have given up nothing, but then again it may have just been one of those days too.

Now back to my spin session in this little tannin stream. After releasing that 380 gram brown I continued to battle my way upstream flicking the gold Aglia into small runs where possible without a lot of success. I did have two hook ups in a small narrow stretch of water but lost both fish, they were only little trout any way. A little further up I came to a section of water that was around three meters wide and around 40 cms deep, it was here I caught and released my second brown of the session. It was good to see I had made the decision to give this small tannin water a go today and if we have more good rains before the season ends I'm sure there will more more trout to be caught here as well. There were several areas here I couldn't get a cast in due to it being to heavily covered with tea trees. Over the next hour I fished what open water I could and caught and released another three browns from five hook ups with the best one going 420 grams. I called it a day after being in and out of this water for just on two and a half hours. With just the five trout caught and released it was still a good spin session and one area I will have another crack at later on before the trout season ends providing we get a little more rain to keep the water flowing at a reasonable level..

Adrian Webb (meppstas).

2018 03 28 Tannin water brown 6008


2018 03 28 Tannin waters brown 6012


2018 03 28 Tannin waters brown 6015


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