2018 01 13 Ghost brown and Mersey Rainbow headThe weather was fine when I left home this morning for a spin session on the Mersey River at Weegena even though the forecast was for rain & thunderstorms the sky was clear. Once there & after a forty minute walk to where I was to start my spin session, it was then I noticed some heavy cloud building up and it seemed to be moving in at a steady rate. I knew then I would have to get in the river and get a move on before the weather hit this area.. I was using the ghost brown lure and was having plenty of follows but no takers which was becoming quite frustrating.

 Bow wave after bow wave appeared behind the lure and that's as far as it went, they just followed it then turned away at the last moment. I tried several different hard bodies all with the same results, I'm sure the weather that's moving in from the South East has a lot to do with it. The wind had started to pick up then the rain followed soon after, light rain to start with before it had me ducking for cover under some large willows next to the river bank until it eased off.

Ten minutes had past before I was back fishing in the river, where I continued having follow after follow without any takers. To make matters worse the cloud had broken up and the sun was now fully on the river and it had become hot and steamy. The closest I went was a medium size brown having a light whack at a black bladed Mepps Aglia Mouche spinner and that was it before the next shower hit some twenty minutes later. The wind was now gusting and starting to swing around to a South Westerly direction, that's when the fish sort of came on the take. I had changed the spinner for a small Rapala f3 rainbow lure now to fish a short fast water stretch when I finally had my first fish on and in the net, it was a small 290 gram rainbow that took the lure.

A little further on I had my second rainbow take the lure in another small fast water run, that fish was soon followed with a small 260 gram brown. Three trout al up so far, though they were only small fish that was the best it had been all morning. With a very wide, long deep stretch of water ahead of me I decided I'd had enough for the day, after three hours in the river I headed back to the car. Not one of my better days at all, had I rechecked the weather a little closer this morning I more than likely have stayed home.

Adrian Webb

Ghost brown and Mersey Rainbow

2018 01 13 Ghost brown and Mersey Rainbow


Ghost brown with new bib

2018 01 13 Ghost brown with new bib


Rapala rainbow trout lure

2018 01 13 Rapala rainbow trout lure


Mersey River Weegena

2018 01 13 Mersey River Weegena 2


2018 01 13 Mersey River Weegena 3


2018 01 13 Mersey River Weegena

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