Nice-TroutSlight Improvement With The Fishing 27/9/2015

With overcast and pretty cool weather this afternoon I headed on over to the small township of Kimberley to give the Mersey River a fish from below the main road bridge. I haven't fished this area since we started holidaying over here from Sth Aust while visiting the daughter and family some 18 years ago. There was a cold wind blowing straight down the river which meant I would be working my way upstream against it, something I'm never happy with any time. But I'm here now so might as well push on. With the river being much wider with a little more depth to it I decided to fish with hard body lures today. Plus they're a little heavier and will cast better into the wind than the little #00 mepps black fury, I could have gone up a size with the black fury's but decided not to. Besides I have a few hard body lures that I still have to test out for an overseas company that I promised to do. Before I tried their lure I started off with a rainbow rapala and worked my way up and along the river without a sign of a fish. I'm thinking have I picked another poor section of river to fish, or is it just going to be one of those very slow days again with the trout few and far between. I seem to be having a few of these over the past couple of weeks of just catching one or two fish each trip to the Mersey. Any way I stuck with the rapala for another ten minutes before I changed over to a test lure that was much heavier than I normally use in the rivers. I thought I would work this lure in a deep water run just ahead of me to see how it goes.


Even on the first cast and retrieve I could feel it vibrating up through the line to the rod, so it was working okay and once it was visible to me I could see that it had a great action as well. All good so far, now just need to see if there's a fish in this long stretch that may have a crack at it. I didn't have a touch for most of this run until I was near the headwater when it was hit hard and fast. A nice solid rainbow had taken it and made several runs and leaps before I finally had it in the net. The colours of this fish were unreal as the red colour on the gill cover and along the side of it really stood out. I reckon it would have to be one of the most colourful "bows that I caught for quite a long time. This was one beautiful rainbow for sure, nothing real big as it only went 430gms on the digital scales.
Ahead of me now was several stretches of shallow runs so it was back on with the rainbow rapala and it wasn't long before I had picked up a small brown from a shallow spot under the willows. I kept on plugging away working the lure from one river bank to the other and picked up another brown (440gm) from two hook ups. Things were looking up as I have now bagged three fish that's better than I've done in the last couple of trips. I was now at a fast water section and this was to be the last piece of water that I'm fishing this afternoon so it was on with a small black fury for this last stint. It didn't take long and I had a small brown on the spinner, it was soon in hand and released. Had a few more flicks around without any hits before I headed out of the fast water and strolled back to the car. It was a day that started of on the slow side and improved as it went on with an average result in the end.



Beautiful Mersey River wild rainbow trout.



Rapala catches a nice Mersey River brown at Kimberley



Wild rainbow trout taken on Fishingsir hard body lure in the Mersey-River



Mersey River below the bridge at Kimberley



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