Another-solid-wild-brown-trout-Mersey-River-31-8-15Good brown taken at Merseylea - 31/8/2015

Another ripper of a day much the same as yesterday so I was off to Merseylea once again, this time I left at 1.00pm and went too the lower bridge. Being a Monday I was hoping that no one would be there, but when I arrived there was a 4wd parked some 200 meters on a track below the bridge. This was good as it meant he had headed downstream or was sitting in the bush bait fishing. I was heading upstream to fish any way so there's not a problem. I only had a short walk through the paddocks to where I could cross over to get a backwater that I like to fish. It wasn't long before I was there flicking the same hard body lure that I used yesterday. This backwater didn't give a yelp again this trip either. That's two trips here without it giving up a fish, I have no idea why it didn't because it normally gives up a few trout.


I was soon back into the main river working a long wide medium flowing section of water, the same area where I caught a nice brown on my last trip here. As I reached the top end of this stretch of water it was much shallower and faster. I cast up and across the river several times before I finally had a take. This wasn't a big brown, but like all river fish in fast water they always give you a run for your money every time. This 490gm brown soon tired and like all the rest, on it's way after taking a photo. It had taken just on an hour & a half to finally catch a fish, just when I thought it wasn't going to happen today. I had a few mores casts in this fast water run without any more hits before moving on some 20 meters upstream. To the right of me I could see a shallow run that turned in towards the river bank which looked to me to have a slight drop off at the bottom end of the run. To me this certainly looked like a nice small piece of water that should be holding fish.
I had changed the lure after the last fish as it had broken the small plastic bib when I had it in the net. This time I had the same size and shaped lure but this one was in a brown trout pattern with red spots on white dots on the both sides of the lure. On the very first cast into this small piece of water the lure was smashed by a real nice brown. Now this fish was much larger and it went mental once hooked. It took off upstream, turned and headed out into the fast water then raced downstream peeling line off the reel at a hell of a rate. This brown had taken at least 40 meters of line so far. I'm starting to worry now as I know I can't run downstream to try and keep up with this fish because it's too rocky and slippery. Not only that the little Daiwa reel I'm using only holds 100 metres of 4lb line, not that it will clean spool me even though the thought had crossed my mind. I just didn't want it to get to far downstream in this fast water as it is going to make it that much harder to turn it and bring it back upstream. It's the weight of the fish in fast water and the strain on the 4lb line which is what's worrying me, the line could break at the knot. Luck was on my side as the fish decided to turn and head back upstream which was a relief I can tell you. I'm still not sure of the size of this brown, but I'm thinking it's got to be close to a kilo. After what seemed like ten minutes (but it was only around three) it finally tired and I had it in the net. It wasn't a kilo fish either as it tipped the scales at 800gms, a real plump and very solid brown. I decided that I'm going to keep this one for the smoker.
That's right,I'm keeping this fish for me. This will be only one that I'll keep of probably ten or twelve for the whole of the trout season as I do love smoked trout. I decided I would call it a day now and a good day at that it was. Only another two browns for the two hour session, still beats a donut any time doesn't it.




800gm wild Mersey River  brown trout



Another solid wild brown trout, Mersey River



Solid 800gm brown caught from edge or river bank in 6'" of water.Merseylea



Beautiful conditions, Mersey River. Merseylea


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