mersey-river-2015-08-30-cFair two hours at Merseylea 30-8-2015

I left home just on 1.30pm in beautiful weather conditions and headed on over to the Mersey River at Merseylea. I went to my usual spot only to find a couple of cars parked there and being a Sunday with such great weather I don't blame them for having an outing on the river.

I did bother seeing if they were bait fishing or if they had headed off for a session in the river with lures or the fly. I drove on up to the top bridge and found it clear of vehicles which was unusual as this area is normally busy. Parked the car, on with the waders etc and I was soon in the river working my way upstream.
The river was still a little higher than I would have liked but it was wade-able and that's all that mattered to me. I was using the same rainbow pattern slim 6 cm Muzza's hard body lure that worked for me on the last trip to the Mersey River. The river bottom was like an ice skating rink here as it well and boy it's tough going and even more so in waist high water.

Good thing was the water temp was now at 10 degrees so this is increasing a little more each day which is great. I had now fished some 100 meters without a sign of a fish, then the next cast produced a hook up. This fish was solid too as it made several runs into deeper water and then headed on downstream with the flow before I managed to turn it and slowly bring it to the net.
It was a good plump 530gm brown and like all my trout it was soon back in the river. Ten meters further on and I was into another solid brown that used the same tactics as the last fish. It wasn't long before this brown was also in the net, photographed and on it's was too, that fish went 520gms. Well I fished on for another hour without a touch before calling it a day.
I would have continued on but for the river bottom being so slippery it was knocking me around too much. Stop now I thought to myself and you can go again tomorrow. Good thinking I reckon.. So the day wasn't too bad with two nice browns caught and released and both good solid fish too.



Two browns caught in the top end of this stretch of the Mersey River at Merseylea



Wild brown trout, Mersey River



Another wild brown Mersey River trout


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