rain-ends-dRain Puts an End to the Trout Fishing

After having a few good showers of rain this morning and with the cloud now high overhead I decided to go on over to Merseylea for an afternoon spin session. There wasn't a breath of wind, but the air temperature had dropped quite a few degrees from earlier in the day but that wasn't a problem any way.


Once in the river I started off using a rainbow F-3 Rapala and immediately had a follow from a medium size brown but it would touch the lure. This brown just sat a few millimetres behind the lure right up to when I lifted the Rapala from the river where it turned and darted off. Worked on upstream for another 10 minutes with the same results, all follows but no hits. I had tried a F-3 brown trout, CD-1 brown & rainbow patterns and also a few small black fury's all without any success.. It looks like they're just not on today and it may be due to the weather change that had moved in, or it's just one of those days when they're not on which happens from time to time. But one will still get the odd fish that has a go at a lure every so often when others won't touch it.

The next stretch of river which was a fast water run I tried a Rapala in the brook trout pattern and it wasn't too long before I finally had my fish fish on. This was a medium size brown that went 350gms that was quickly released back into the river. Another ten minutes had passed and it was all quiet, no follows at all. I went back to a copper black fury and was flicking it in some shallow runs ahead of me and I did manage a few hit and misses from some very small fish.

Then from nowhere the rain moved in, from a light misty drizzle which wasn't a problem until it then turned to light rain. It was then when I decided I wasn't continuing on and getting drenched for nothing. Had the trout been more active I would have pushed on, so my session today only lasted some fifty minutes or so. By the time I returned to the car my vest and shirt was saturated and the temperature had also dropped much lower too. It was a good decision after all to put and end to the fishing when I did.





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