Trout #100 for the SeasonTwenty Browns Caught and Released in a Session

After bombing out with my sweeps in the Melbourne Cup today I headed off to the Dasher River for a few hours in the hope that it would fair much better than today's sweeps did. Arrived at the Dasher around 3.40pm and after a 30 minute walk I was soon in the river casting the well used little copper black fury spinner into the very tannin coloured water.


Three casts later I had my first brown on for the day and it was the normal beautifully coloured Dasher River brown. Not a big fish but just the average 280gm size brown for this great little river. Onto the next stretch of river and I hooked two more browns but lost both fish. So it was out with the small sharpening stone to give the small trebles a bit of a touch up. In the next small fast water run I did manage a hit and miss but I seemed like it was from a very small brown anyway.

Ahead of me was a nice medium flowing stretch of water that was around 30 meters long and I managed two browns in three casts which was a good result. The session had really started well and it looked like it was going to stay like it too the way they were hitting the spinner so far. There were a lot of caddis moths around plus quite a few midges and duns hovering above the water. There was the odd brown rising and jumping too in several sections ahead of me. So it was onto the next stretch of river and this also gave up two more browns. Now the fishing was going much better than my Melbourne Cup runners did that's for sure. Well this went on over the next few runs along the river and I couldn't do a thing wrong. The browns were just hitting the little black fury like there was no tomorrow.

I had now just fished over half a kilometer of river and caught and released thirteen browns. It doesn't get much better than that over such a short distance either. The fish weren't big, but most were still averaging around 280gms which is still a nice size river brown, plus they were all in great condition too. I had at least another seven hundred meters of river that I wanted to fish before calling it a day and I was hoping to at least reach around twenty browns for the session.

The fishing didn't slow down over the following four hundred meters as I has another nine hook ups for eight more browns caught and released. After that, the next three stretches of river only gave up a few hit and misses. It was now 6.15 PM and so I decided to call it a day. I had reached the twenty mark that I had set myself and was pretty happy with that. I had also passed the one hundred mark for trout caught so far this season too. I have now reached 110 for the season.

On another good note, after my last session on the Mersey River and the problem I had with the line on the reel, I didn't have any problems with the replacement line that I put on the new little Okuma Pisces 800 reel. Today was one of my better ones for this season and I'm hoping it will stay on this path for some time yet.



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