mersey-2014-10-22-cAnother fair spin session on the Mersey 22-10-2014

After yesterdays beautiful conditions and an average spin session at Merseylea I thought I would give the area of Kimberley a go. The morning was another cracker a day but I couldn't go until the afternoon anyway not that it mattered too much. As the day went on there was a lot of cloud building up and it was becoming quite humid and these are the types of conditions that I love to fish in. I headed off to the Mersey River and was in the river at Kimberley by 4.45pm and there was not a breath of wind, conditions were perfect. There was the odd light sprinkle of rain but nothing to make one head for cover. I stuck with the little Mepps #00 copper Black Fury as it's been working okay for much of the season so far. There were quite a few fish jumping in most sections of the river and so I new it was going to be a tough session after seeing that. Even the fly fisher will often struggle when the trout are jumping.

Anyway I started working a thirty meter fast water stretch and it wasn't that long before I had my hit and an instant hook up. It finished up being a small but well conditioned rainbow that went 330gms and did put up a good tussle too. I had just re-spooled my small Okuma Epixor 15a reel with a clear 2lb mono line just to make the fishing a little more challenging. After using 4lb line for most of my trout fishing I didn't realise how much thinner the 2lb line was, so I'm hoping to hook into a larger fish and see what the out come will be. A quick photo of this little rainbow and it was soon back in the river.

The next couple of stretches didn't produce too much at all, just three small (280gm) browns from five hook ups. I was still hoping for some thing much bigger, maybe the next stretch will be the one I kept saying to myself. As I fished on the fish weren't getting any bigger at all. I hooked another four browns and landed two of them and they were no bigger than the previous three that I had caught and released. Still I suppose I was lucky in catching fish today as there were still trout jumping in most sections of the river. The trout that I had caught so far were all taken in fast water and that's the reason I had caught them.

It was only 6.20pm and it seemed like it was closer to 8.00pm as it was so dull from the thick cloud cover. I decided to fish a couple more fast water runs before heading back to the car and I managed to pick up another two small (290/ 300gm) rainbows before calling it a day at 7.10pm. The river is still very slippery and there's still a lot of slime and silt on the rocky bottom making wading quite tough on the body. But it's worth putting up with when it gives up a few fish, plus the scenery is always well worth the trip any time. In all the session wasn't all bad I suppose, having caught and released five browns and three rainbows it was a little better than yesterday's stint at Merseylea. Hopefully on the next trip I'll hook into a larger fish and test myself out on the 2lb mono line, and better still it be in a fast water section!!


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