I've had better days 10/4/2014

After a day and a half of light rain and drizzle, it finally eased off this afternoon so I headed off to Merseylea for a short session before the rain returned as forecast. There wasn't any wind to worry about and it was still quite mild as well making ideal conditions for a spin. The Mersey was running nice and clear and I did notice a few small browns jumping in a couple of sections upstream, so I new there were a few fish about. 

Started off working a long slow flowing section and immediately had a hit and miss from a very nice brown that kept on nudging the gold Black Fury all the way in before it spotted me and darted off. This was a good start with a nice size fish have a bit of a go so early into the session. Well I kept on working this long stretch of river up to the top end of it with out a single touch or follow. 

At the top end of this stretch of river there was a back water running into it and had a very good flow which made it worth working with the spinner. The second cast did get a little bit of interest from a medium size brown, but it sat some 200mms back from the Black Fury. I changed to a Rapala F-3 in a brown trout pattern to see if this may get one to be a little more interested in having a go. I didn't site a fish for at least fifty metres and then bang! A medium sized brown (360gm) came from now where and hit the lure hard and fast. I soon had this fish in the hand and after a photo it was back in the river. I decided not to wear my vest on carry a landing net today given that the rain could set in at any time. In fact all I had over the waders was a light weight waterproof jacket in which I had the one small lure box with a mix of small Mepps & Rapalas, sharpening stone, pocket knife & pliers. So if I happen to get into a decent brown then I'll just play it to the closest and shallowest section of river bank.

Light drizzle had now started, but it wasn't any thing to worry about just yet, but it was looking pretty bleak towards the North. I kept working the back water with out a single hit or seeing a fish over some one hundred or so meters right up to were it started from the Mersey River. I then headed back into the main stream of the Mersey and picked up another small brown in the first ten meters of river. The light drizzle had now turned into light rain and I could see it was setting in and was going to get heavier very soon. I thought I'll just finish fishing this section of fast water and call it a day before the rain really sets in proper. Well I did hook into another nice (420gm) brown just as the rain became much heavier. I soon had this fish in close to me and I could see that the treble was in the front lip, just enough to keep it on. 

Once I had it in my hand, it was only a matter of slipping the treble from the bottom lip and releasing it. Then it gave a solid head shake and set the bottom treble of the Rapala into my left middle finger! Luckily when this happened, the treble that had hooked the fish did come away from the trout and I let it drop back into the river. Glad that I decided to put a set of pliers in the waterproof jacket that's for sure as this treble was well set into the finger. I held the pliers in the right position so I could pull the hook out with one fast hard pull and out it came. Now, I had one other small problem! When I pulled the treble out hard and fast the other set of trebles went onto the side of my finger and not just the fleshy part either. It went right into the joint of the same finger and it was in deep too. Not only that but it was now raining pretty steady and I was really getting ticked off. Well after some swearing and cursing I did rip the treble hook from the finger and headed on back to the "'Trout Stalker 2''. My hat was now saturated and with water coming through and running down my neck all can I say is ... "" WELL I'VE  HAD BETTER  DAYS'" that's for sure.






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