Kimberley 20/3/2014

Left home this afternoon and was on my way to the Meander River for a spin session, but I didn't get there. While driving along the Bridle Track Road I had a change of mind and decided to fish the Mersey River at Kimberley instead. I thought I would just have a short spin session today instead of putting in a full afternoon on the Meander. I will do that some time next week. The river was low and clear and there was a light Nor- Easterly breeze which was just enough to put a light ripple on the surface every now and then. With the Pirtek Challenge on this weekend this was one of the main reasons I have been fishing the Mersey over the past few days, as this will be the river I'll be fishing for the challenge. 
      Started off with the brown trout patten Rapala F3 and was only just into the top end of the first short run of river that I was working and picked up a nice little (370gm) rainbow. This fish was well hooked in the jaw and it took a little longer to release than normal and so I didn't photograph it. I wasn't too worried about a photo as it was more important to release the fish before it became too stressed. It came good after a couple of minutes and was on it's way. The next stretch of river didn't give a yelp, but the next one did as I picked up another (320gm) rainbow and this one was only lipped and was quite easily released. Two rainbows in the first three short sections of river was a reasonable start to the afternoon session, but it was brown trout I was looking for. Rainbows aren't the fish for the Pirtek Challenge on the weekend!! I still didn't mind them taking the lure really.
     Ahead of me now was a long slow flowing stretch of river of some three hundred meters and I know that this does hold some very nice browns. It's just a matter of whether they're in the right mood or not as they can be very hard to entice into taking a lure here. Well after having a few follows over the first thirty meters I finally sucked one in. I really had to work the Rapala with some fast jerky retrieves to get it to finally take the lure. After a brief fight this nice (450gm) brown was in the net. A quick photo and it too was on its way. I fished on for another forty five minutes and managed one more hook up from a small brown in which I lost and had a few follows as well. So it wasn't a bad session really, as it only lasted a couple of hours.  
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