`Mersey River Report 25/3/2012

I received a phone call from Dale Howard yesterday, and in his usual unmistakable fashion he said, “whatcha doing tomorrow robot?” - (Don’t ask about the robot name), “because if you like, I will take you and our young blokes to one of my special spots on the Mersey for a couple of hours.”

Being fully aware of his success rate on this water and given the fact that he was willing to share this secret little oasis with us ... I was quick to say yes! After picking the key up from a local farmer, we made our way to the water’s edge.
I could go on about the day in small detail such as this but we were there to fish, and fish we did.
Using Dale’s Yep hard bodies, my son Jacob, Dale’s son Trevor and “us old blokes” started walking this stretch of the Mersey casting upstream into every ripple and back eddy, to see what it could reveal.
All of us had a couple of takes but it was Dale that handed us a fishing lesson for the day.
I don’t know how many he had on and lost, let go, or whatever, but he kept three fish only, one for the farmer and two for my mum.... I was obviously incapable!
A great couple of hours spent with “the unit” and the boys as always.
Gee the legs are stiff though, not used to this wading!
Regards, Todd

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