Mersey Bream

Fished the Mersey Estuary Sunday morning with good friend Andy Heyhow, as the tide had turned and had been running out for an hour we fished the flats at the golf course hoping to find the bream still cruising the shallow margins. We drifted with the run out for stealth but found nothing doing.  We headed back to the channel off Quoiba and flicked plastics along the edges and soon come up tight on a cracker around the 2kg mark, after testing my drag to the limits for 5 minutes I had him beside the boat and the net in the water when the hook pulled and flew past my head.

I was left with only a lump in the back of my throat, having caused chaos on this shore we headed the main river channel to fish the oyster leases as the tide dropped. I caught 2 bream from just in from the leases one just over a kilo and one around 700 grams.  The 3 where hooked on 10mm squidgy bloodworms, they work for me so why change? Andy mixed it up a bit with a few vibes and several different plastics but couldn't find a fish.
Leigh Carpenter



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