learn fly fishThe Fly Fishers' Club of Tasmania runs several fly fishing schools per year. These are conducted at a sit down class in the morning and then the afternoon is on the water, just a short drive from Launceston, on the river.

You DO NOT need any gear to attend, but if you have gear please take it.

Sunday 27 September 10am - 3pm.

Sunday 8 November 10am - 3pm.

Program includes a basic understanding for beginners - or for advancing anglers. It is helpful for very beginners through to those that want to get a better understanding.

Tutors are there to help you progress your skills and to help you catch a fish.


Welcome, safety briefing, water safety, hazards and some details about the FFCT.

Casting: Demonstration and basic casting techniques.

Understanding Lines, Leaders, Knots, Flies, Streamcraft.

Onstream demonstrations and understanding techniques such as dry fly, nymph under dry, nymphing etc.

Question time.

To book - go online or buy it in-store. Places are limited.

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