Flounder Report 15th May 2010

With the trout season now closed for Trev and myself at least (we don't bother with the waters still open from now on), we thought we would head down the Tamar and try for a feed of Flounder.
Where to go? .... that was the question.

Previous experience had told me that a quick visit in to see Damon Sherriff at Sport "n" Fish in George Town would give me the mail as he is always generous with his information around the local area. As usual I wasn't disappointed and that evening (last night, Friday 14th May)  we headed off with a couple of mates in tow, bound for the flats at Kelso.
We missed the turn of the tide by about an hour and half  (which from previous experience) is always the best time for floundering in the Tamar, but with a bit of effort we still managed 20 nice sized ones in a few short hours, we also saw plenty of small garfish, millions of toadfish (no surprise there!!) , juvenile squid, mullet and various other species, the experience of seeing them with a flounder light is enough to keep my boy interested, we even had time to pull out the old gasmate cooker, boiled the billy and cook a sausage before making our way home.
So in short, I know it's Winter, I know its cold, but if you rug up warm, grab your neoprene waders, you won't notice it, you may even end up with a feed of nice size Flounder for the table.....better than sitting at home watching the idiot box.......that's my view at least.

By Dale Howard (Yep Tassie Tackle)

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