low-headLow Head Report 14/6/2015

Despite the pretty cold and drab conditions I decided I'd go for a look off Low head yesterday[14/06/2015] for a Gummy and perhaps a few Flatties.I left Kelso ramp at 8.45am when at least it had warmed up a bit to be met by a sea that was devoid of swell and just some small wind waves.I went to a spot I fish fairly regularly and dropped the anchor in 18m of water. Usually I've got some burley but yesterday the freezer was empty.

The first hour was quite but then I got a small Couta  which was promptly dispatched for fresh bait.I could now use the frozen bait I had for burley. Baited up with the fresh Couta and next drop I got a just legal Flathead. Then nothing again but I was throwing bits of burley in the drink regurlarly and the head and frame from the Couta had made a bit more. Suddenly the rod bent over and 5 minutes later had a 900mm Gummy in the net. Things were looking up.

Unfortunately the Gummy seemed to signal a feeding frenzy by those wet sacks called Port Jackson and must of got about 10 in the next 2 hours. Also I got another 3 Flathead which made a change from the brown bags.I called it a day at 1.30 pm with a good feed of Flatties and Flake which was a lot better than I  expected. When I cleaned the Gummy it had about 7 pieces of burley plus the head of the Couta in it's stomach so the burley does work.

Photo is not much but it's a bit hard to get a decent photo of a Gummy when you're the only one in the boat.!!!!


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