Luderick available to those who search

After a column I ran in the Sunday Examiner some time ago soliciting information regarding Luderick, it appears that the population in Tasmania is excellent. It was also quite evident that not many Tasmanian natives actually fish for them.

The response I did receive was mostly from ex-Sydney siders.

The places where I was told Luderick are to be found was in the Tamar estuary (especially around Beauty Point), Georges Bay, Bonalong Bay, Scamander River and other estuaries around the North East of Tasmania.

Look for the green lettuce or stringy weed on the rocks around the low tide mark. It was interesting that no one I heard from fishes for them in the sea or of the rocks. The long stringy green weed is evidently the best bait used on a size ten to fourteen hook, but don't use too much. Peeled prawns, beach worms, cunje and pipis are also used, but not to the extent of the weed. The stringy green weed grows around the rocks in estuaries, this is not to be confused with the more lettucey type.

Two to four kilogram line is preferred, long rods and centre pin reels. Split shot and a light float are used; the lighter the better. The long rod is essential to lob out the bait rather than cast it. Start fishing on the bottom and work your way up in 300 to 500 mm steps. Berley of chopped up weed and sand is recommended. The sand helps get the weed down to where the fish are. When the fish bite there is usually a slow drawing down of the float. Some old timers recommended a one, two, three count and then a very gentle lift of the rod to hook these timid fish. Experience, as with all fishing is the biggest asset.

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