Salmon Going Off

I heard (on Friday Morning) a chap talking on the radio to Leon Compton (ABC) about 10.30 am, that the Salmon were going off at the Cremorne Canal.

Like others I worked over the weekend on various chores and on Sunday Afternoon left Kingston (1.00pm) to check out the Salmon.  Well the tide was running, there were about 15 people fishing from the shore with little action, and a single guy standing in knee deep water who, according to his son, had caught 1 fish and lost 3 others when attempting to land them.

Shorts on, jeans on (who cares if they get wet), and into the water we go.  It is now about 2.00pm, the sun is out, the water is cold and the occasional wave is enough to let you know that it is cold.  Early casts and a few hits / taps then BANG we are on…….

Landing is becoming a problem – did we tie the lures on properly? - breaking the 2 kilo leader – time to change up – also heavier silver wobblers required  – they are hitting the lure on the way down – little action on the surface.

Caught about 15+ – reasonable size and good fighting in the first 40 + minutes – people on the sand are not faring as well – we catch and release for another 30 or so minutes.

Results of the day – 1 broken rod – 4-5 lost lures – 15 fish taken home and about 20+ landed released back for next time.

Whilst you drool – I have just had a call from St Helens – that man from Friday / Sunday is still chasing Salmon – he and Mike T are out on a boat catching 6lb salmon off the shack – HANG UP PHONE  on the caller – just don’t want to know.

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