World Fly Fishing Championships Day 1 June 18

The first day of competition is varied Jonathon Stagg 2nd overall  individual with 2 great sessions. Whilst this is great news it is a measure of the man, even in the heat of competition Staggy denied himself 1 fish as the boat was just underway. The controller was about to measure the fish when Staggy returned the measurable fish to the water.... putting the ideals of sportsmanship ahead of all else!

Drug testing was performed for the first time tonigh! Staggy spent 75 minutes cooling his heels 75 minutes out of the PM meant he was not available for the team meeting! But hooking 2 Taimen in the first session and landing one 70 cm on 4 lb tippet did mellow his concerns!

Other results are varied with Emillio 2nd in 2nd session but blank in first

Joe Max(4th in session 2) & Craig all had a blank. Fish numbers are much lower than expected and blanks are common!

Australia positioned 12th. Yes we are disappointed but I expect some further great results in the next 2 days. International competition tests invigorates and at the same time tears at your emotion…that is why we are in it!
Regards Peter Dixon. Team Australia

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