Important kayak accessories

- Personal Floatation Device: A PFD is compulsory in Tasmania, although the definitions of a kayak are somewhat difficult to understand. Check out some of the stores that carry a range of kayaks to find a suitable kayak friendly PFD.

- Paddle and gear leashes: Losing your paddle can be a disaster. Tethering it stops that happening and it also means you can just let it go if you get a fish on. Tether your rods and other important gear as well. There are also some small super-magnet release clips and zingers that are useful.

- Dry Bags: Dry bag are quite inexpensive these days and available in many sizes. Stuff your extra gear in these, clip them to your kayak, or put them in a hatch. As they will also contain plenty of air they are usually buoyant as well if they end up in the water. You can get clear or coloured in many sizes for clothes to mobile phones, cameras and food.

- Whistle: Buy a PFD whistle and clip to your PFD. They are cheap and it could save you. They can be heard for long distances and are ideal for attracting attention or warning an oncoming boat of your whereabouts.

- Fish handling tools: Two tools you will find very useful are a "Lip Gripper" and a "Flathead De-hooker'. Fish flapping around in a kayak are hard to handle. A "Lip Gripper" is a super kayak addition and the de-hooker allows for easy release. Even small flathead can spike you badly and ruin your day.

- Knife: A good folding knife on a lanyard is very handy for a range of uses. It is even better if you can open it one-handed.

- Sea Anchor: Windy days, like we get so often in Tasmania can ruin your day. A sea anchor or even a bucket will slow your drift and then you can more effectively fish an area.

- Trolley: Even if you only have to walk 5 metres to the water get a trolley. Fishing kayaks can be all rigged at the vehicle and become heavy and cumbersome. Buy a trolley to suit the situation where you will need it most. Big wheels for sand for example.

- Anchor: Most places you will fish don't require anchoring but there are times when you are in a hotspot and want to hang around and fish for a while. It might be in a river with some current or if you want to wade fish or just take break you should drop anchor. An anchor trolley that positions where on the kayak the anchor attaches to is also a great idea.

- Compass: You probably think this is dumb. Just ask anyone who has been caught in a fog and you will be getting on quick smart.

- First aid kit: Essential in every boat. Put some matches with this and sunscreen and keep it all in a dry bag. Keep a spare bottle of water handy as well.
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