Lake Leake 3/8/2013

Hi everyone... opening day didn’t start as planned.
I arrived home late from work Friday night and I didn't get a chance to get the gear ready so it was up bright and early to make up for lost time, one problem, unable to find the bungs for the boat!
The decision was made to wait until the shops opened in order to get some new ones.
At 9am with this part of the mission completed, we were on our way knowing we were going to miss out on Todd's famous egg and bacon breakfast, (not to mention the scotch).

We arrived at Lake Leake around 10.30 and headed straight out onto a lake full of white caps. (Not dangerous but definitely uncomfortable).
Whilst driving past Jim and Virginia I am sure our bad luck (which was about to get worse) didn't rub off on them because we saw Jim hooked up and watched him land a nice little brown.
We smashed through the breakers to the eastern- side of the bay and gave Mike and Leon a wave on the way past.
Upon arrival at the other side, the phone rang; it was Phil Zanetto checking to see how we were going and to let me know he stayed home due to the weather forecast.
I spoke to him for about 10 seconds when a wave hit us... then he was talking to the fish.
My phone sank quickly to the bottom.
We did manage to catch a few fish on the black n gold flapper, yellow peril and golden seducer.
Back at the ramp, we met up with a couple of boys who live in the area; they fish Lake Leake all the time and know it very well, so I get a bit of info off them from time to time.
Putting the bad luck aside and putting a positive spin on things,

  • I now have new bungs
  • I had a sleep in.
  • I will get a new phone
  • I still got to drink some of Mike’s scotch, (at Todd & Janet’s place on the way home).
  • Todd will cook again.

But mostly it was still a great day out with my boy.
Dale & Trev

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