Lake Leake Report17/12/2012

Our neighbour Rodney decided to take myself and my brother Connor out in the boat on Lake Leake for a couple of hours. While out on the water, there was a fair NW breeze blowing. We trolled up the Big Timber Shore. We were getting a few hits; I then changed to a different Tassie Devil lure. My lure wasn’t even in the water 5 minutes before I was on! It was a nice little brown measuring 30cm, which is a nice pan size!

We trolled along a bit more, where we were catching a lot of Red Fin Perch. I hooked another trout; this one was fighting a bit harder, and was jumping a fair bit. It was a rainbow which measured in at 36cm. We went up around the island and headed back to Kalangadoo Bay, where Connor caught a few more Red Fin Perch. Just before we were about to head in, I hooked up with another trout; A lovely brown at 37cm, in top condition!
All 3 trout were in great condition and gave up a good fight; even though the conditions weren’t that crash hot, it wasn’t a bad evening fish!
Samuel Evans

(Thanks again to Rodney for taking us out fishing!)




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