Lake Leake and the Presidents

Approximately 15 Presidents converged on Lake Leake for this weekend’s get together.
As expected, the fishing was quite hard but the rewards were there for those that persevered and had a bit of luck on their side. It was great to see a few new faces attending and hopefully they enjoyed themselves as much as we did their company.

I had to leave early today to attend my mother’s birthday party but with a few Presidents staying on, no doubt a few more fish will be caught here, before the long weekend is over.
The weather was fantastic and I would like to give thanks to the new caretakers that went out of their way to help us, the Lake Leake hotel for the fantastic counter meal last night along with our "new found friends from the mainland" who camped beside us all and joined in the festivities.
As you can see, some decent fish were caught,... mainly on soft plastics.
The lake has many small browns in it at the moment, (around the 500 gram mark) and all were in excellent condition.
At a rough tally I think we threw back about 14 between us all.
That, along with the crystal clear water that we haven't witnessed here for quite a while ( given recent years of drought), fill us with optimism that this lake is fast returning to its former glory.
I well remember only a couple of short years ago, when healthy 3 pound fish were the norm.
Hardly a fish was spotted on top, apart from one window of opportunity when a small gum beetle fall prompted a couple of fish to stick their heads up, but as a rule, most fish seemed to be staying deep and there was hardly any insect life to be spotted on the water.
That being said, a quick look at a couple of fish’s stomach contents revealed a lot of jassids... so they must be taking “off the top” occasionally.
Further examinations revealed that "very small snails" were their main diet at the moment though.
Once again, a fantastic couple of nights, thanks to all involved and we will definitely do it again next season.
President Todd

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