Lake Leake Report 12/11/2011

Mike Stevens, myself and retired IFS Inspector Viv Spencer went for a drive to Lake Leake today. Given the black sky that hovered above our heads this morning around 7.30 am, we were mindful that it may well have been just "a boat towing exercise" and there stood a good chance of us all not even wetting a line.

Upon arrival around 9ish we boiled the Billy and cooked up breakfast on the campground BBQ before hitting the water around 9.30ish. As Viv had to be home by 1pm, we only fished for a couple of hours but this short and sharp little session yielded two lovely rainbows. (See picture below).

One rainbow gave a fantastic account of itself and was in superb condition, the other not as good "condition-wise" but was acceptable just the same.
With the often fickle Lake Leake weather constantly improving from the time the boat was launched up until we left, I doubt one could have scripted the day any better.
Speaking for myself (and I believe Mike as well), we never tire of hearing Viv's many fishing anecdotes about the characters he has met over his many years whilst working as a senior inspector, he is a born story teller that has you laughing from the time he gets into the car until it's time to say goodbye.
The morning went far too quickly for my liking....but there is always next time.
President Todd

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