Report Lake leake/Sth.Esk River

We fished the opening day of trout season with Bailey at Lake leake,arrived at Kalangadoo boat ramp around 10am,lake calm as a mill pond. We managed one small rainbow around 1lb in Kalangadoo bay,then we fished the big timber shore and got a 1lb brownie,lost a couple more.

We then we headed up to the Snowy and caught six nice rainbows around 1kg each,missed and lost a few as well,certainly fishing well,Bailey also caught a nice size redfin perch .Lake high and a bit discoloured in places,water temp was 7 degrees,last opening day here it was 3 degrees so fish more active today than last years opening day thats for sure.
My brother Paul and his son Nathan come up for a fish as well and managed a nice rainbow around 1kg but left early as Nathan was a bit crook,all fish were caught on soft plastics,Yeps and Berkley black and golds doing the damage.
Back at the boat ramp around 4pm due to the heavy rain that came around 3pm,fish had been feeding on snail and stick caddis.Next day Bailey wanted to have a fish at the Sth.Esk river on the way home in the pouring rain,so he had a go at a couple of spots for a couple of hours,i sat in the car,but after Bailey caught a few i had to have a go too.
We ended up with 13 nice browns around 1 to 1.5 lb,losing quite a few as well,fish caught on softies,one fish had stomach full of cockchafer beetles,so a good opening to the trout season.



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