Report from Mick Emmett - 28 August

Well, the first month of the fishing season is nearly over, but I
finally got a couple of hours to sneak up and have a look at what’s
going on up top...Not much is the short answer...

I left home hoping to get some bright sun for polaroiding Great Lake,
but as you can see by the photos I got the exact opposite...
I spent about 2 ½ hours walking around the edge and only saw 2
fish...I presented a fly to one about 8 times, but could not get it
interested...They are very slow and sluggish (probably has something
to do with the ice bergs floating around the edges!). The other fish
saw me at about the same time as I saw it...
I did flog one up blind on a Woolley Bugger, but as you can see, it
was in very poor condition (about 2 lb, but should have been around 3
½ ) and went back in after the photo was taken...
Anyway, that’s the start of the season from me, probably won’t get
another chance to get out again until mid September due to a family
holiday interstate (hope to catch up for a beer Todd!).
I’m looking forward to the weather and the fishing hotting up a bit!
Cheers Mick Emmett

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