Boundary Bay January 2010

Had a bit of an impromptu trip to Great Lake last night with fellow club members Jim and Virginia, we left the boats at home and had an enjoyable night around the wood heater, under the stars " satellite watching" as that was about all there was to do.

Jim lost one earlier in the night that took a worm, but not another bite was to be had, even though we threw wattle grubs, and mudeyes at them as well.
There were plenty of boats around, Jim talked to one party of mainland flyfishers who had caught a heavy bag "shark fishing."
Ran into a couple of IFS guys  I've never met before doing a Galaxia survey... top blokes.
Another  angler was doing well using leadlines around Boundary Bay itself.
One of the fish I saw was an absolute ripper of around three pounds and very, very solid.
He also had a great way of cleaning fish I had never seen before, using an old "fold out ironing board frame" to clean them on, just turn upside down in the water when finished .... it is then clean ready for next time and you dont have to bend....the old fishermen, definitely idea's men!!
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