Great Lake 1/12/2013

Hi all - I had the long weekend off so decided to go fishing instead of the Devonport show. Arrived at the Great Lake around 3pm hit the water which I must say was not pleasant by 5pm in the Little lake. Got 3 nice Brownies of good condition by 8pm.
Saturday morning things were much more pleasant and got 5 nice Brownies by 9.30, then with a change in the weather coming later in the afternoon decided to hit the water early to be ready at 4.30 and headed to Reynolds neck.
By 6pm we had got another 6 nice Brownies all in good condition lost 3 others, and had another 5 good takes. It was unbelievable and I must say. I hadn't ever seen it like it before some would say it was like a feeding frenzy. Most of these were on the Lofty 20Y lure using lead line.
The last fish was caught around 7pm with nothing else until 9pm when we finished for the day.
Has any one else noticed the fish are not working or biting at the Great lake until around 8am ond 9am of a morning, and are not biting after the sun goes down of an evening at the moment. In previous years fish were always caught early of a morning as the sun was coming up, and were garenteed of catching fish after the sun went down by trolling method.
The only thing I was thinking it maybe was the water tempreture. At 7am -12 c, at 9am 13 c, 4pm 13.9 c, and at 9pm 12.5 c this was noted on Saturday. Other people have also noticed this and it has been mentioned to me a few times over the past 2 weeks. Feed back on this would be greatly appreciated or if anyone has any thoughts feel free to email back.
Brett Woodberry
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