Many lakes have been spilling and who would have ever thought that going back into last Autumn.
It was normal in the past to plan on a trip to the Macquarie River in early October for the Red Spinner hatch. Not this year.

Around the same time the boom gate to the Western Lakes opens. This years Lake Augusta was till pouring over the spillway.
I am a lover of river fishing and whilst this has largely been non existent it does look like it will be outstanding later on in the season.
As I write this though there has been some huge dun hatches on Four Springs - just 30 minutes from my home. This is a remarkable early season water and I had a superb short session on it one evening at the end of September. Fish were feeding hard during last light in barely enough water to cover their backs. Feeding on corixa and stick caddis I had a ball hooking six fish and landing three to four pounds in under an hour. It was as good as it gets.
A couple I experimented on with a floating mudeye. They smashed it as it was dribbled slowly across the top. It was heart stopping fishing.
I had much delight in getting an early copy of the new Australian Best Trout Flies Revisited book. Malcolm Crosse initiated this after a very successful earlier edition.
ABTFR is an outstanding book in every way. The contributors are broad ranging, and happily include myself. From World Fly Fishing Championship competitors to general angler the diversity and patterns are sure to intrigue. Tying recipes are included and outstanding photography by Peter Whyte give a very clear picture of how the flies look and can be tied.
What fascinates me is how so many different patterns are included to catch a trout. It tells me one thing for sure, and that is one must have confidence in the fly one is using.
David Scholes frequently told me to ‘fish with confidence or don’t fish at all’. And I certainly believe fishing confidently with a fly you have faith in is much better recipe for success than a highly regarded fly you don’t believe in.
Bernacci Lodge has now reopened as Thousand Lakes Lodge at Lake Augusta. Congratulations to Marcus Ambrose and his team on a superb refit. I will do a report next edition.
Mike Stevens. Ed.

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