Coastal Catches 16/8/2012

I have written in some of my past articles with regard to some of the mindless acts of vandalism that have occurred in fishing areas. I was alerted to the latest act where the Great Lake lookout, at the top of haulage hill, was pulled over by some morons with a four wheel drive and a snatch strap. There are many other instances of lake shores being destroyed and rubbish being left for others to clean up.

Coastal Catches 28/6/2012

There has been a lot of discussion among our customers in recent weeks with regard to the Super Trawler M V Margiris fishing in commonwealth waters targeting Red Bait and Jack Mackeral. This is fishing on an industrialised scale and to put the size of the vessel into perspective it is 142m long compared to the Spirit of Tasmania at 194m long. This factory trawler is huge and it stands accused of leaving collapsed fisheries and unemployed fishermen in its wake.

Coastal Catches 21/06/2012

I read an interesting article written by Greg French in the current issue of Freshwater Fishing concerning Trout growth and fisheries management. The article points out where there is ample or an abundance of food trout will do well and where food is scarce they will struggle. Fisheries management, (Water level and water quality) has a big influence on the ecology of lakes and in turn how much food is available.  It is a well written story and well worth a read.

Coastal Catches 31/5/2012

There are only a few days to go until all the Rainbow designated waters will close for the end of the season. There are still a number of waters open all year round and these will provide the diehard freshwater anglers with their fix while the other waters are closed. We often get asked why there is a closed season.

Coastal Catches 9/5/2012

There are quite a few hard core fisho’s from the coast heading south to Eaglehawk Neck and Southport at the moment. Our mail is that Eaglehawk neck has been fishing well on the right days and has been quiet on other days. The better fishing conditions are when there is a bit of chop on the water.

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