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Presented from Issue 96
December on the rivers got off to a good start, featuring strong flows and warm water temperatures across the north of the state, after a slow late November period. Calmer conditions were perfect for consistent baetid hatches on the St Patricks River and upper Meander, solid black spinner falls on the South Esk, and excellent red spinner action at Brumbys Creek. Caddis hatches also fired the fishing along the upper Meander, and to a lesser extent along the small headwater streams of the north and north east. The Mersey around Liena, and further down around Merseylea also fished extremely well, with fish to 4lbs on the dry and shallow nymphs. The Mersey is an example of the benefits to be had from high winter flow rates in the past few years, along with environmental flows outside of periods where dams are spilling.

by Justin Causby Presented from Issue 93

Such are the busy lifestyles these days it seems no sooner has the brown trout season closed and it is already July once again. And with that, the mind starts to ponder the first Saturday in August; where will the trout be this year in the Derwent River, what will they be focused on, will it rain between now and then, just how much baitfish will be through the system and last but certainly not least, searunners?

by Craig Vertigan - Presented from Issue 91

It’s easy to forget what a great sports fishery we have on our doorsteps living here in Hobart. When I have a full day or a weekend to spare for a fishing trip nine times out of ten it will be somewhere other than my local system. This leaves me doing shorter trips from an hour to a half day on the Derwent. Some of those trips can be just awesome and it leaves me wondering how good it could get if I concentrated my efforts for a whole day or two.

Mercury toxicity in Bream from the Derwent River

Hi Carl, I am a semi-regular reader of your column in the Mercury (don’t read the paper on a regular basis), but I have noticed at least two photos in recent weeks of people posing with bream which have been caught in the Derwent.
The Derwent Estuary Program, which is run in part by the State Government, publishes a pamphlet on the safety of seafood from the Derwent River.  I have attached a copy for you to read, but it is available at the following link.
The most important take-home message from this pamphlet is that it is unsafe to consume any bream caught in the River Derwent, as the levels of Mercury greatly exceed food safety limits (see the graph on pg 2).


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Tasmania's Top Ten Fishing Spots

All articles by Mike Stevens
Tasmania is surrounded by water and has some spectacular marine fishing from bays, river and estuary systems to game fishing for yellowfin tuna, albacore, striped marlin and southern bluefin tuna.
Southern bluefin tuna are one of the most keenly sought game fish and several world records for these are held in Tasmania.
In fresh water Tasmania has a world class trout fishery. The Central Highlands boasts over 3000 lakes and tarns, most of which hold trout. Many of these are only accessible by foot, but the journey can be a reward in itself as the walk can be spectacular. Rivers are also highly regarded and many have reasonable flows all year.

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