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Mythbusters – Excuses or fishy trends

Too windy, not windy enough, wrong wind direction. Too bright, too dull, too wet, too dry: excuses—or are they? Farmers and fishing guides have two things in common: firstly, they’re both in the weather everyday, working with Mother Nature. Secondly, both groups will tell you that the animals in their lives all react differently according to subtleties and vagaries of wind direction, atmospheric pressure and lunar cycles. In the case of fishing guides and experienced anglers, you can add a list of hatch and water level factors to the nuances of Mother Nature, vagaries which become plausible excuses at the end of a tough day. After the question of weather patterns and their affects on fishing came up on the FlyLife internet forum, I thought it might be a good time to do a bit of myth-busting with the aid of my fishing diary.

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Issue 127 May, June, July 2017

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Issue 127 May, June, July 2017 On sale now .

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The latest Tas Fishing and Boating News is out now.

This edition will be May-July

From this issue we are changing the magazine schedule to five issues a year.
I have been at this job for over twenty years now and this seems a good way to have a little bit of a break.
We will combine three issues between February and July into two when fishing can be a little quieter.
Nothing else will change.
There will be no less news or stories — most editions will bigger. Since its inception over 20 years ago the readership has never dropped off and the website gets huge visitation. If you are ever looking, or asked for fishing information take a look there. It has an amazing backlog of stories. Anything on Tasmanian fishing will be hiding in the huge archives

New publishing schedule will be:

Aug-Sept; Oct-Nov; Dec-Jan; Feb-April; May-July;

  • Learning to Fly Fish — Frank Fisher
  • Canning Fish – A Taste Sensation — Michal Rybka
  • Dressed to Kill — Steve Starling
  • Jurassic Bream — James Sinnamon
  • Garfish time
  • Game On — Kelly Hunt
  • Tamar Elephant Fish – Searching for Elle — Matt Sherriff
  • Marine Fisheries News
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