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Atlantic Salmon At Large

Atlantic Salmon At Large

Recently Atlantic salmon seems to be a very hot topic amongst local anglers, especially those in the south of the state in the D'Entrecasteaux area. Northern anglers should take a close look at the Tamar as there are opportunities here as well.  
The recent "great escape" has provided a perfect opportunity for fresh and saltwater anglers alike to experience some truly memorable sport. Tasmania's pristine, clean and cool waters are the perfect nursery for the Atlantic Salmon and as our local fish farms produce more and more fresh quality seafood it is a fact that there are going to be tangible consequences.

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Boost to the off season fishery in the Northwest with salmon stocked into Lake Barrington

Northwest anglers got a nice boost to their winter fishery stocks this week with a new batch of Atlantic salmon stocked into Lake Barrington. The fish donated from Tassal are up to 8 kg.

Lake Barrington Report 7/11/2011

We had just spent the long weekend, (7 November 2011) at Lake Barrington and parked on the edge of the Lake in our camper. After watching the ski boats go around the lake I didn’t think I would have much chance getting a fish but to my surprise, on the fourth cast of the morning, a 2.5 kg Atlantic Salmon took my pink aniseed plastic.  It was a lovely conditioned fish that had been feeding on beetles, what great finish to the weekend.  
Cheers. Kevin Pearce
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Lake Barrington May 2011

Caught this at Lake Barrington one Sunday.... on a hard body diver right hard up against a bank on the western side of the lake. Pretty happy with the results nice calm day fishing with my brother and father.
From Daniel Costelloe
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Lake Barrington

Craig Rist
Approximately 16 kilometres long and rarely more than half a kilometre wide, Lake Barrington is a deep clear lake with mostly steep tree lined shores. The Hydro Electric Commission built three dams on the Forth River to form Lake Cethana, Lake Barrington and Paloona Dam. Lake Barrington is best known for its international rowing course and is a popular water skiing destination during summer. Over recent years the Inland Fisheries have transformed this lake into a viable fishing destination with it's extensive stocking program. The lake has a healthy population of rainbow and brown trout. Small rainbows up to 0.5 of a kilo can be very active, dominating the catch at times. The browns on the other hand can be a bit more elusive, but generally larger in size, some reaching well above double figures. Over the last five years, large ex-brood stock Atlantic salmon have been introduced into the Lake, some up to 30 pounds, testing the nerves of even the most seasoned anglers. The lake is one of the few in our State that is open to all forms of freshwater fishing throughout the year. A five fish per angler bag limit applies to Atlantic salmon, brown trout and rainbow trout with a minimum size of 300mm.

Winter Atlantics at Lake Barrington

Damon Sherriff 
It is strange how anglers get attached to certain waterways. Some people fall in love with a certain little lake, river or estuary that keeps drawing them back time after time. As most people know my passion is chasing snapper in the Tamar estuary, but I normally pursue them in the warmer months. Last brown trout season I re-ignited my love of trolling and spinning for trout and salmon. It was not only the release of 200 adult Atlantic salmon into Lake Barrington which restarted me to the spot again it was the magical beauty of the whole area. It is a real hidden secret.

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