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Presented from Issue 108, February 2014

Blue Eye Trevalla is the name most used by Tasmanians to describe Hyperoglyphe Antarctica, a fish species found in all southern oceans and like most widely distributed fish they have come to be known by a variety of different names. Blue Cod, Antarctic butterfish, Bluenose Warehou, Deepsea Trevally, Blue Nosed Sea Bass or Deep Sea Trevalla, are all names used to describe one of Tasmania’s finest eating fish. It is regularly seen on restaurant menus — and as a line caught fish it is unlikely it is overfished. 

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When you have finished for the day, why not have a brag about the ones that didn't get away! Send Mike an article on your fishing (Click here for contact details), and we'll get it published here. Have fun fishing -



 Researchers at the AMC are investigating the influence of environmental later conditions on bream growth and survival. As a recreational fisher we would like you to participate as a recreational research angler.  Next time you go fishing for bream and keep a few, place your frames in a plastic bag with a label stating the date, capture estuary, your name and contact details. 

You can freeze these frames and drop them off at participating tackle shops. We will use these frames to determine the age of the fish and determine its annual growth rates. Prizes will be awarded for the donation of bream frames. Prizes will be awarded based on the oldest fish donated, the total accumulated age of fish donated and a random raffle of all participating fishers.  Participating fishers will also be eligible to receive an annual subscription to Tasmanian Fishing and Boating News
If your interested in participating and want more information talk to the staff in this tackle shop or
Call Dr James Haddy on 0439 032 935 or 6324 3828.
or email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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