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Garfish time

The particular species of garfish that is common to Tasmanian waters, especially during winter, is the Southern sea garfish. It is found in most Southern Australian states both in the open ocean and throughout our estuary systems. They are predominantly a herbivore and feed mainly on varying species of sea grass, algal filaments and small amounts of crustaceans. They spawn in shallow sea grass beds throughout the summer months October to March.Georges Bay becomes a hot spot for big fat XOS sized garfish from April onwards and when a hot garfish bite is on dozens of boats line up to jostle for a position along the main channel leading out to the barway

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Brumbys Creek 6/10/2012

On Saturday the 6th we got up at 3.00am to go to the first day of the Tasmanian Trout Expo. We got there around 7.15. We got our tickets and waited till we got the go ahead to find our spot then waited until it was 8.00. A few people had their first fish in the first 2 minutes. I ended up just putting my running sinker rig in an eddy but I didn't get anything. Nothing happened for the first half an hour till I thought i would check my bait. I found I had a small brightly coloured rainbow sitting on it, it would have been about 1.8 pounds but I dropped it.

I was disappointed but I stayed there tell about 3.00pm. At 10.30 I was using a lure and casting across to nearly over the other side and I was half way across the creek with my lure and I noticed my other rod bouncing around so I reeled my lure in fast then I rushed to my rod and set the hook. It took about 1 and a half minutes to land this rainbow, it weighted 1.44kg and was 53cm long, I gutted it and took it up the the weight tent happy with my catch because it was my biggest rainbow and was also the biggest trout for the day.

At 3.00pm we decided to look for a different spot and ended up in a eddy near the weight tent. I had 2 running sinker rigs in it then dad saw a rainbow down further in the same eddy that rose 4 times so I moved my line close to where is was and it picked it up and started to go off with it. I then tried to set the hook but it pulled out. I dropped my rig straight back in and got him 30 seconds later. I quickly qutted him and rushed other the the weight tent so it could be counted because it was around 3.59pm. It was .48kg and was 38cm long.

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